Saturday, 5 March 2011


jam ni merupakan adiah frendship drpd membe Redzz
akan ku jaga jam ni hgga ke akhr hyt

Assalamualaikum sume..arini redzz tanak menaip pe panjang kos memandangkn skrg ni t'amt bizi sgt dgn assgmen2 n test2..tjuk entri kli ni ckp bermakna bg Redzz..hurmmmm, wlupn dia lbh tua dr Redzz, tp redzz rsa ckup sng dgn dia..suka, duka ktaorg mst akn bersama, xmelupakan antra satu sma lain..dia dh mcm abg Redzz dh..hope persahabatan yg kita jalin ni xkn terputus d tgh jln..pape pn yg terjd, kita ttp sahabat ada sikit karya yg di tujukan kpd my best frends...

tamau la jd cmni..retak seribu..
frend 4 eva k


the true friend

A true friend never walks away
A true will always stay
A true friend looks out for you

A true friend will guard your secrets
Like a precious gift
A true friend is there for yo

To give you a helpful lift

A true friend tries to make you smile
Tries to replace that frown
They may not always succeed
But they rarely let you down

These arms for you are open
This heart for you does care
And when I think you need me
I'll try to always be there

I'll listen to your fears
I promise n
ot to laugh

Comfort your falling tears
I'll make this friendship last

I'll keep you near to my heart
I'll always hold you dear
Even when we're miles apart
Even when you're here

I hope I am to you

Everything you are to m


For the friendship we have

Is a special one indeed.

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